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"Civil Engineering Research & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd", is an engineering and development consultancy providing consulting service to private and public clients on overall project development and implementation. The firm uses its expertise to meet the target of the clients taking in consideration of the project cost, duration, quality requirements, standard deliverables and innovativeness.

The firm has its wide reach throughout the country and has been working in multiple disciplines of development works. The firm has track record of working with leading consulting firms within the country and has always prioritized in enhancing the professional know how of its employees through fruitful association with best practicing firms worldwide. The firm strongly believes in welfare of its employees and nurtures pro active approach and innovativeness in working environment.


"Civil Engineering Research & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd" was established with an aim and objective for providing optimum consultancy services in multiple disciplines of Civil Engineering. The firm currently works as national consulting firm, commencing its professional services since 2008 AD. During the course of operation, the firm has completed number of important projects in wide areas of civil engineering. The service includes Feasibility Study, Detail Engineering Survey, Design, Cost Estimation, Contract Document Preparation and Detail Report Preparation of Road, Bridge, Irrigation, Water Supply, River Training and Rural Infrastructure Projects. Civil Engineering Research and Consultancy Pvt. Ltd has served government as well as private clients with utmost results.

The firm during the course of its operation has gained vast experience of working throughout the country and has maintained pool of expertise to cater the service as per the requirement of clients. The firm has been providing its professional service to its client without compromising on the quality requirement and adhering to client schedule. The firm believes that the enhancement of professional practice and success depends on the innovativeness, proactive approach, adherence to professional ethics, close coordination with the client and welfare of its employees.

Our clients


We believe the welfare of the company and its employees is explicitly depends on the relationship with our client. We have always been keen in maintaining elite relationship with our clients by providing them the optimum consulting service as per their requirement. Our company has been serving the government organizations, public institutions, private institutions, NGOs and INGOs.

Some of our clients
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Department of Roads , Chakupat, Lalitpur
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development, Department of Local Infrastructure Development and Agricultural Roads, Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Irrigation, Department of Irrigation, Jawalakhel, Lalitpur
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Irrigation, Department of Water Induced Disaster Preparation, Pulchowk, Lalitpur
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Urban Development , Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, Panipokhari , Kathmandu
Government of Nepal, Ministry of Urban Development , Department of Urban Development and Building Construction ,Kathmandu
Good Neighbors International, Ekantakuna-13, Lalitpur, Nepal
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Our company


This Company has been established with a commitment of providing optimum consulting service in multiple discipline of civil engineering. We are fully committed to the professional ethics and has always adhered to the anti corruption policies. We have been practicing our best to cater quality service to the client at competent price without compromising on the quality of service as per the requirement of the client. We are duly registered to the company registration office and have been providing our service as national consultant.

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